Rochester Square

Studio members

We have ceramics facilities within the square’s recreational space, where independent artists and potters have the freedom to mature their practice in an independent restful environment. These studio members are able to use our facilities; which includes one shelf for yourself, the use of communal tables, wheels, three electric kilns, an extruder, raku facilities, glazing room and 24-hour access to our studio.


Current Studio Members

Salvatore Arancio · Charlotte Bavasso · Carly Breame ·  Annelie Fawke · Polly Farquharson · Kiramics  · Stanislav Gelfer · Tess Gomm · Gaby Guz · Robert Harbord · Laura Hughes · Leigh Johnson · Igor Krol · Michael Lendon · Richard Land & Lesley gordon · Nancy Moerman · Jane Muende · Corinne Philippo · Susan Rogers · Anne Ryan · Kaoru Stephens · Peter Trnkus · Laura White · Maria Willi · Zoe Williams · Nina Wright · Hilke Tiedemann

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