Rochester Square


Rochester Square wants to bring people and communities together through ceramic facilities and socially-engaging projects. Emphasising the fascinating system of recycling clay: where after firing at a low temperature, the cups and pots are still so fragile that you can smash them on the ground after use and turn them back into the soil, which can then be used again to create new ceramic objects. This idea guides us in our approach to the development of activities at RS: a creative cycle from the earth (clay) to plants (garden) to plates (food). For us, there is great meaning in creating a space that can become a catalyst for people to meet each other through the powerful yet simple tools of making things together.




New members of RS

Please welcome our new chickens: Yoko, Erica, Yodi, Sparkle, Orangina, Flippy and Tilda.

Gardening club at RS

Join us the first Friday of every month from 10am to 1pm. We’ll work together maintaining the garden by weeding and planting new flowers and vegetables and we’ll end the session having a free green pizza together in the garden. More info


Clay day with Ryan Orme

As part of a program of workshops run by our SLADE students in residency, Ryan Orme will be leading a workshop for children from the Camden Square Play Centre. Making structures with clay and attach them together to create sculptures for our garden.