Rochester Square

Tortellino Project old

Tortellino Project was Hosted by Nonna Collective in collaboration with On Purpose. They together with Rochester Square organised an evening of cooking and eating together in our Square, bringing back a sense of belonging and community through the most traditional activities, "cooking together".

 During one night people were able to learn how to make tortellini, while drinking wine and meeting other people. This happened around a communal table and people could make their own tortellini with the help of an authentic chef from Romagna (the land of tortellini) and two passionate Italian assistants.

 Products and wine were sourced from small producers in Italy to support the great effort of delivering high quality products, of having sustainable values at heart, and keeping traditions alive!

 On Purpose Festival organise a series of dinners hosted across London. Each dinner invite you to join a conversation about a specific social issue and explore a different way to eat responsibly. From handmade street food to an organic singles night, there’s something for everyone.

Open Plot

We would like to invite you to a new project initiated by Yorgos Petrou, at Rochester Square
Saturday 21 April
Sunday 22 April

Open Plot is an experimental research group that brings together artists and academics working in nursing, robotics, surgery, archaeology, history, education, agriculture, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, theatre, and performance. It explores ideas of growth, intervention, wellbeing, and physical healing.

Gardening will be applied as a tool, a process, and a method to think, develop, experiment, and communicate. It is an open-ended project that has no expectations for specific outcomes and that allows its “garden” to shape and design itself. The activities of the group is envisaged to take several forms such as installations, performances, lectures, workshops, and publications.
On the weekend 21 & 22 April, Open Plot is going to clear some limited space at Rochester Square that is available for planting and will also run a workshop for children on the printmaking techniques of relief and embossing using plants, leaves, flowers, and objects from last year’s garden.  


Artists Anastasia Mina, Helen Michael, and Anna Salamon will be running the printing workshop. This event is free but there is a limit of 20, so please let us know in advance of any children wishing to attend.

The rest of the days are open so feel free to pop in at any time: just ring the bell on the front gate.

21 April 2018: Clearing

10.30 Meeting at Rochester Square and introduction to the project
11.00-12.30  Clearing & Children’s workshop (printing)
13:00   Break with refreshments
14:00-16:00 Clearing and preparing the soil (Drop-in)
22 April 2018: Planting
10.30 Meeting at Rochester Square and introduction to the project
11.00-12.30 Planting & Children’s workshop (printing)
13:00 Break with refreshments
14:00-16:00 Planting (Drop-in)

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