Rochester Square

Tortellino Project old

Tortellino Project was Hosted by Nonna Collective in collaboration with On Purpose. They together with Rochester Square organised an evening of cooking and eating together in our Square, bringing back a sense of belonging and community through the most traditional activities, "cooking together".

 During one night people were able to learn how to make tortellini, while drinking wine and meeting other people. This happened around a communal table and people could make their own tortellini with the help of an authentic chef from Romagna (the land of tortellini) and two passionate Italian assistants.

 Products and wine were sourced from small producers in Italy to support the great effort of delivering high quality products, of having sustainable values at heart, and keeping traditions alive!

 On Purpose Festival organise a series of dinners hosted across London. Each dinner invite you to join a conversation about a specific social issue and explore a different way to eat responsibly. From handmade street food to an organic singles night, there’s something for everyone.



On June 23 and 24 2017 we officially opened Rochester Square to the public for the first time in its history.  The event, titled Re-Creation, was a chance for those curious about the square to venture in, and an opportunity to share ideas and imagine the square being brought back into future use as a centre for play, rest, and recreation.

Approximately 1000 people joined us over the course of the two days and participated to all the activities and ideas produced by 30 artists:  super 8 workshop, playing with clay, lantern making, dance, music, film screening, pizza making, and much more.    

A big thank you to all the artists, organisations, and volunteers who contributed and made these days such a success and especially to all those from the community who came to share your hopes, ideas, encouragement, and positive energy!      


photography by Yiannis Katsaris


and some of your photos

Special thanks to: 

Simon Bayliss

Marco Belfiore

Sam Belinfante


David Broder


Penny Clayden



Claudius Fanusie


Polly Farquharson

Marina Formoso

Jamie George

Maria Gibert i Espinós

Rob Glenny

Susi Huang

Isabel Hudson

Alexandra Hughes

Mikhail Karikis

Sarah Kate Wilson

Yiannis Katsaris

Neil Luck

Gerald Mak

Carl Martin

Paulina Michnowska

George Moustakas


Nissa Nishikawa

Toby O'Connor

Uriel Orlow

Alex Paton

Laure Prouvost

Matteo Ricordo

 Ben Rivers

Marika Rupil

Ben Slotover

Michael Solomon Williams

Hattie Spires

Lucy Steggals

Nam Tran

Alaena Turner

Gary Woodley

And all the amazing volunteers

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