Rochester Square

Tortellino Project old

Tortellino Project was Hosted by Nonna Collective in collaboration with On Purpose. They together with Rochester Square organised an evening of cooking and eating together in our Square, bringing back a sense of belonging and community through the most traditional activities, "cooking together".

 During one night people were able to learn how to make tortellini, while drinking wine and meeting other people. This happened around a communal table and people could make their own tortellini with the help of an authentic chef from Romagna (the land of tortellini) and two passionate Italian assistants.

 Products and wine were sourced from small producers in Italy to support the great effort of delivering high quality products, of having sustainable values at heart, and keeping traditions alive!

 On Purpose Festival organise a series of dinners hosted across London. Each dinner invite you to join a conversation about a specific social issue and explore a different way to eat responsibly. From handmade street food to an organic singles night, there’s something for everyone.

C O | T E supporting the ROUNDHOUSE


IN support of the YOUNG CREATIVE projects at the ROUNDHOUSE, and with belief in the power of creativity to change lives.

Each year the Roundhouse gives thousands of 11–25-year-olds the chance to develop their skills and confidence through creativity – in music, media or the performing arts.  They help young people find new perspectives, and new directions: whether it’s helping someone get into education, out of a rut, or supporting their early career in the arts.  Whatever the spark, the Roundhouse nurtures it into a flame that can change everything.By giving young people the chance to engage with the arts through their music, media and performance projects, they inspire them to reach further, dream bigger, and achieve more.


C O | T E was founded in 2010 by Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari an international fashion brand recognized for refined, cutting-edge designs, entirely produced by sustainable methods in Italy, according to the best Italian traditions. This has always distinguished and defined this unique brand. The typical C O | T E client has a greater social responsibility, is more critical and conscious about working conditions and is aware of environmental consequences.


Rochester Square, C O | T E and the Roundhouse aim to collaborate together to provide opportunities for young people, offering a Fashion Sweatshirt especially designed for RE CREATION day. 

available on the day and from our website SUPPORTING

francesca anfossi