Rochester Square

Tortellino Project old

Tortellino Project was Hosted by Nonna Collective in collaboration with On Purpose. They together with Rochester Square organised an evening of cooking and eating together in our Square, bringing back a sense of belonging and community through the most traditional activities, "cooking together".

 During one night people were able to learn how to make tortellini, while drinking wine and meeting other people. This happened around a communal table and people could make their own tortellini with the help of an authentic chef from Romagna (the land of tortellini) and two passionate Italian assistants.

 Products and wine were sourced from small producers in Italy to support the great effort of delivering high quality products, of having sustainable values at heart, and keeping traditions alive!

 On Purpose Festival organise a series of dinners hosted across London. Each dinner invite you to join a conversation about a specific social issue and explore a different way to eat responsibly. From handmade street food to an organic singles night, there’s something for everyone.



The site investigation started Thursday, Feb 16,  and took about 12 days. It involved the engineering team Kim and Gareth from TBedford Drilling. They dug a number of 20-30 metres deep installing four or five 6 inch boreholes with measurement devices. The purpose of this work is to test for any contamination, identify precise soil conditions at various depths, and identify the level of the water table. The work was done using a mini excavator and a “tripod” drilling rig and not surprisingly we found a lot of London Clay that we have kept to be prepared for use by artist's projects. 


francesca anfossi