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We offer different courses and private classes with our teachers: Nina Wright, Aude Van Ryn and Milan Tarascas.

 The space is fully equipped with wheels, large tables, shelving, electric kilns, glazing rooms and electric heaters. And we also offer electric kiln hiring service. Dress warmly and be prepared to get dirty.





One-day workshop, 27 October 2019 11am - 5:30pm

Materials are included. All levels.

We will be experimenting with clay, embracing observation & presence, following a mindful process of awareness and creation. During the workshop we will pay attention to our body sensations using the material to express what comes up. We will experiment on the throwing wheel and through hand building while synchronising our breathing with our gestures. By taking time and connecting to ourselves through the clay we will find new energy, inspiration and presence.

This retreat is an invitation to let go of performance and time pressure as well as distractions. Meet and connect in a relaxed and inspiring surrounding with like minded people, that value creating, nature and the present moment as much as you do.

Morning 2hrs

Introducing the day and each other
Creating awareness for our breath (meditation)
Creating awareness for our body sensations (meditation)
Creating awareness for the characteristics of the clay as a material (clay meditation) Synchronising breathing and gestures (wedging the clay)

Lunch Break

1:00-1:45pm (bring your own) in the garden (if weather allows)

Afternoon 3hrs

Demonstration mindful throwing on the potters wheel (15min) Applying the synchronisation of breathing and gestures (2x1,5hrs)

Practicing mindful throwing

Practicing mindful pinch-pot making
Letting go of the lived experience and the clay objects (30min)

Anke Buchmann is a Ceramic Artist based in London and Berlin, with work bridging between performance, embodied experiences and ceramic objects. She is addressing presence, the body and material using clay to create awareness for ourself in the present moment. Her practice is lead by observation, concept and experimentation.

This workshops celebrates the process rather than a physical outcome. Instead of a ceramic object you will take home new energy, self-connection and a feeling of being grounded, as well as the memory of the lived experience with clay. Minimum 2 people. If we cannot reach this number the class may need to be cancelled, you will be notified and refunded. Unfortunately we cannot refund unattended classes.

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