Slade School Residency

Since 2017, Rochester Square is collaborating with The Slade School of Fine Art , as a new partnership to support a group of undergraduate and graduate students from across all the Slade areas. The project has both practical and technical teaching and learning aims, and a focus on research development via public engagement opportunities.

The students taking part has been provided a space for developing their skills, research and professional practice experience (via the ceramics facilities, outdoor garden and grounds) and with the support of Rochester Square, they can make art work, organise public workshops, events and join its collaborative community.


Current students in residency:

Milan Tarascas is working on the combination of sound and ceramic, focusing on the ocarinas, an ancient wind musical instrument. He has been leading communal workshops for three months, showing participants the process of making their very own ceramic ocarina.

The participants were invited to collect their finished instrument on 23rd of June 2018 and be part of BODY-SOUND-CLAY event at Rochester Square, celebrating the coming together of sound and ceramics.

Marijke Keyser  is working on the creation of bells. She organised a communal bell making during the Camden New Town Community Festival 2018 where participants were invited to learn and make their own bells. All this pieces will be part of her installation Wind Fruit, that will be donated at the Camden Square Play Centre at the end of summer.