Rochester Square

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Open Plot

Open Plot is an experimental research group that brings together artists and academics working in nursing, robotics, surgery, archaeology, history, education, agriculture, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, theatre and performance. It explores ideas of growth, intervention, and healing through personal and professional lenses and in relation to a body: a human body, a collective body, a body of humans, a body of ideas, a body of emotions.

They planted a garden in Rochester Square, and nowadays they still taking care of it and using it as a platform.  Gardening will be applied as a tool, a process, and a method to think, develop, experiment and communicate. It is an open-ended project that has no expectations for specific outcomes and that allows its “garden” to shape and design itself. The activities of the group shall take several forms such as installations, performances, lectures, workshops, and publications.

The group is formed by:

Victor Esses / Alejandro Granados Martinez / Ersin Hussein / Eleni Karayianni / Helen Michael / Yorgos Petrou / Fotis Petrou / Julia Philippou / Anna Salamon / Andreas Xyrichis


Open Plot Children's workshop

On April 2018 Open plot organised a workshop for children to explore some basic printmaking techniques like relief and emboss printing using materials that will find in the garden (e.g. leaves, flowers, soil, wooden sticks etc.). Playing with the materials and experimenting while at the same time looking into some ideas inherent in the printmaking techniques like repetition and reproduction.


Jamie George Project

Jamie is an artist based in London. He works with sculpture, print and video. Through his work he explores how the virtual world impacts on an understanding of physical forms in the real world and the ways in which objects augment our lives. He is interested in things like scale, naming and the animation of objects. Seeing the sausage shaped clay soil samples, dug out the ground in Rochester Square, prompted the initial idea for Jamie’s response to a playful ornamental garden