If you have been doing a class or using the space for any reason, or would like to make one,  you are invited to kindly support Sam Belinfante’s project by making a contribution to his Wood fire oven.

Collaboration is the key for a creative community and we are starting to launch this idea with some projects in the square on Saturday 24 June, (save the date) where different ideas will bring people together in this unique space.

Sam and others volunteers will bring their baking ideas and bake them on the day to enjoy together! If you would like to contribute please make a flat image of your idea of baking - cut it to the actual shape (doesn’t have to be square and can be any size). We will fire and glaze it for you and it will then be applied on the hood of the oven with all the others.

Have fun and thank you !

DEADLINE 21 April – put the finish piece on Francesca’s shelf please

if you haven't been in yet and would like to contribute please e-mail francesca@rochestersquare.co.uk

francesca anfossi