About us 


In early 2016 Francesca Anfossi and Eric Wragge, a local couple, formed and led a partnership to purchase the abandoned and derelict nursery site from the previous owners. Since then, they have secured it, completed extensive remediation including clearing out over 130 tonnes of debris, and are currently assessing the feasibility of options for revitalising the square and bringing it back into use.  A long term and sustainable plan has yet to be defined but is currently envisaged to include creating earth enveloped building(s) beneath the surface of the square to generate a commercial return, restoration or replacement of the buildings on the surface of the square, and removal of the concrete that covers most of the surface to make way for gardens and landscaping.

One of their ambitions is that of establishing artistic collaborations and developing creative projects at the nursery whilst plans are prepared and, as part of this, they have recently completed the installation of temporary ceramic facilities for recreational use by artists and others. 

Francesca was born in Italy and is a London based artist. She is very excited to start this venture and is interested to meet people with ideas for projects together.

Eric was born in Canada and works in finance in London. He hopes to change this precious piece of London into something that contributes to all. 




Rochester Square LLP

1 Rochester Square
London, NW1 9SD