Rochester Square


To culminate and celebrate the 2019 Slade Residency, Rochester Square has organised the C.L.A.Y Day on Sunday 13th of October, a day full of activities and workshops runned by our Slade students in residency.

Everyone is welcome to join us and take part of our activities. All the workshops are suitable for children and adults and no previous knowledge is required. Have a look at our programme and pop in any time between 10am to 5pm.

Kindly supported by The Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds.


SUNDAY 13 OF OCTOBER 10am to 5pm


Morning activities

10am to 11 am Flower Pressing with JAKE FISK
A flower pressing workshop for all children. The hour will involve learning about the pressing process, sharing ideas and designs on how to press flowers. Building wooden flower presses and collecting then pressing organic material from around the square. The workshop aims to provide a green, hands on experience, at the end of the workshop each person will be able to take home with them the press which they have made, allowing them to continue recording their surroundings. Children 5+

10am to 1pm Building planters with ASHLEIGH FISK
The Planter project is a chance to learn to hand build forms with clay. The aim of the day is to collaboratively build two large scale planters using the coiling method. Then, pressing and printing into clay with lino cut plaques to decorate the surface with motifs reflecting the aim of the project: "clay, food and garden". These planters will then be placed on the outside of the back gate to invite people from the community to plant them together during future 'play street' that are successfully organised the first Sunday of every month. All ages

11.30am to 12.30am Drawing & mark-making 

A drawing and mark-making workshop for 10-20 adults and children. This session will involve collecting materials from the garden again as well as referring to pre made library of organic forms. We will walk around the space recording through drawn mark the forms which we see. We will explore many drawing techniques used to deepen the way we look at a form as well as the way we engage with it. We will also explore a series of dry and wet mediums. We will use the drawings and marks on paper to think about how these may translate into physical objects and sculpture. All ages

11am to 11.30am / 12pm to 12.30pm
Kneeding conversations with LEONIE ROUSHAM

”Kneed” is a space that explores and questions forms of kneading as process and physicality in a time of needing nourishment, sustenance and an expression of obligation. We would like to invite you to have conversations with us around themes of invisible labour structures that run alongside our work and practices : enabling or disabling what we consider to be production of our 'work'. An edited version of these conversations will then become part of the online space, (insert website). Everyone participating is welcome to take home a sourdough starter to continue the kneeding process! Adults


Afternoon activities

1pm to 3pm FAMILY LUNCH
We will provide your favourite ingredients for you to make your own sandwich.

3pm to 4pm Clay building with JAKE FISK
A clay building workshop using the materials produced and recorded from the morning as well as collecting more if desired, this workshop will allow participants to engage with methods of hand building to create organic forms inspired vessels and objects. These vessels can be both made individually or collaboratively. Engaging with a material of the earth we will help pots, vases and objects to grow with our hands. All ages

3pm to 5pm Making structures with RYAN ORME
Exploring play, collaboration and problem solving by assembling freestanding sculptures together using the limitations of the material and the size of the kiln. This will require people to consider ideas of structure, physics, modulation, fixing and engineering, while also demonstrating how different minds can find a variety of solutions to the same puzzle.

3am to 3.30am / 4pm to 4.30pm
Kneeding conversations  with LEONIE ROUSHAM